After making his wife to sit in the back, a jealous dog holds hands with a man.

In rare situations, your dog may experience “jealousy.” Your dog may be forceful, pushy, or rude as well. That is how your dog creates his or her social hierarchy. Dogs may get jealous in the same manner as humans can, but only in response to a perceived social threat. ‌

Dogs are skilled at interpreting and responding to human cues. This suggests that they are aware of social cues and can respond to pointing and eye contact. In today’s story, we’ll show you how a bad puppy that wanted to ride in front with the husband pushed the wife to sit in the back of the car. She appeared to be striving to imply that they were fiercely competing for their man’s affection!

The golden retriever In this amusing video, Lucy was pleased to clamber into the front seat close to Carissa’s husband, Jacob. Lucy grinned from ear to ear as she grasped Carissa’s husband’s hand in one deft paw. She gave Carissa a victorious smile as she reached for his hand! Carissa came out laughing because the possessive little madam’s gaze had gotten to her.