After his younger sister falls into the pool, the dog brings her out.

Swimming is a favorite pastime of Labrador retrievers, as you may know. They take to the water like ducks in a pond, but that doesn’t mean they won’t need a helping hand or paw now and then. At his brother’s house in Daytona Beach, Florida, paramedic Aaron Tucker was recording these two cute siblings when the younger sister dog came too close to the pool’s edge and flopped in. Her elder brother sees her fighting to get out of the water and goes in to help. He picks up a tug toy and throws the end to his cute baby sister. Before latching on, Sis attempts a few times to capture the end in her teeth. Her adorable brother then begins pulling her out of the water, which is difficult because she is not a little dog. Big brother, on the other hand, is up to the challenge and pulls, pulls, drags her out of the water. The two puppies look to be very pleased with themselves, and the video is incredibly cute. It looks like these two characters are playing this game for the second time. Mr. Tucker says, ‘You’re going to hold this thing, and then I’m going to pull you out.’ As big brother yanks small sister from the pool, Mr Tucker adds, “Oh my gosh, you’re heavy, you’ve got to go on a diet, I’m not kidding.”