Adorably Large Dogs Who Don’t Realise How Big They Are

Let’s talk about our favorite animal of all time: Dogs…

If you’re a true dog lover, you might remember the first time ever you fell in love with a doggo. Ever since that moment, nothing has ever been the same for you, right? Every time you would see a dog your heart would just melt at that sight and you probably weren’t able to resist. Well, same! I can so clearly remember my first ever interaction with a doggo. Little me and a huge dog, twice my size, just jumped on me and gave me the biggest hug ever. Although at that time, that doggo seemed bigger in actual life, it was of average size only. However, let’s rewind and talk about big doggos, shall we?

We all love puppies, that is for sure, but what is even more adorable are the large doggos who are not aware of the fact that they are huge. They still think they are the tiniest little beings who could fit on your lap or your couch or even the bed. It won’t be wrong to say that they are the cutest! They are extremely cuddly, and fun to be around. These large doggos are basically like our own personal bears that we could spoil all the time.

Let’s take a look at these huge cuties, shall we? Scroll down and enjoy!

Would love to wake up to this site every day.

Would definitely be a hard task getting this baby into the shower.

Is that a small hooman or is that a large doggo?

Hello, I am a doggo, what are you?

Is this the right pose?

Want to swap places with this hooman.

Imagine roaming the streets of different cities with this doggo right beside you.

This doggo is cute and she knows it!

The cat is just having none of it.

Squished but happy.

When you know you’re about to get scolded so you turn on your doggo charm

Who do you think is more cuter?

Pretty sure all the teddy bears would be small for this big bear.

Why the long face?

Clearly sitting is a very difficult task.

Who needs a blanket,

Yes, because it is very normal to cuddle in the hallway.

Not sure if this one is just bleping or blowing raspberries.

Happiness is meeting your doggo after a long day.

Spot the little jealous doggo trying to get in the picture.

The big baby is jealous of the new little baby.

This girl is practically on her tippie toes…