A rescuer and his pack assist an overweight German Shepherd in losing 50 pounds.

It may appear unusual that a German Shepherd might acquire 50 pounds. In Tony’s case, there are no answers. He was found as a stray and was sent to the Sacramento Animal Shelter, where he was saved. For the first time in his life, Tony seemed to have found a loving home. Tony was saved by Lee Asher, an animal rescuer, and joined his pack of eight other dogs. On his first day at his new residence, Tony lacked confidence and didn’t know how to accept affection.

Lee Asher has been determined to not only educate Tony on what a family is but also to help him lose weight and become the fit German Shepherd he was supposed to be since the first time he saw him. He also planned to take him on the road to raise awareness about animal rescue. When Tony arrived home, he was a horrible sight. Because of his lack of coordination, he couldn’t climb stairs, hide, or grab a reward. He needed to lose 50 pounds, but more significantly, he wanted to learn what it meant to be a family member.

Tony weighed 148 pounds during his first vet visit. He was at risk for hip and joint injuries, heart issues, and cancer since he was overweight for a German Shepherd. Tony would have to lose weight, which he would achieve with the help of Lee and the other members of the group. Lee fell in love with Tony and tried to “smother him with adoration.” He encouraged and motivated him to be more active and play with the other dogs. Two Chihuahuas befriended Tony, and the three of them became good friends. He started to lose weight and gain strength and confidence. He’s even got a female sidekick!

Tony was eager to join the rest of the dogs on the road when the time arrived. During his trip, he was able to keep up with his friends, and he even lost his final two pounds while sprinting across the Brooklyn Bridge, bringing him to his goal weight of 100 pounds! Tony is a real inspiration who is living his best life right now.