A Mother Dog With Broken Legs Fighting To Save Her Puppies Has Given Birth On The Concrete In The Cold.

The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team of Karditsa, Greece, is a small organization of volunteers that rescue, treat, and rehome abandoned and neglected strays in Karditsa.
They are working hard in Greece to remove stray dogs, but as the mission becomes more difficult, the number of stray dogs increases in odd phenomena, and one of the most difficult circumstances is having little pups alone or with a vulnerable mother, and here is a similar scenario.

This female Greek Kokkoni resides in a community where some locals fed and watered her, but none of them wanted to neuter her, therefore the unavoidable occurred.

She gave birth on the concrete floor of a yard, and three days later, according to The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team, she was hit by a car, which makes sense considering her rear leg’s condition.

The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team had no choice but to take her and her four puppies to the doctor because she is breastfeeding her little family. As it is Sunday evening in Karditsa, vet Rania has administered pain medication, and the following morning, first thing, they will do a comprehensive evaluation, but for the time being, she is secure with her pups and has been fed, hydrated, and made comfortable. Souzi is her name.

Can you imagine a gorgeous tiny dog like this living as a sтray in Northern Europe or the United States?

Vet Rania arrived early the next day to check the injury, and as expected, her leg is in horrible shape, with a break in two places and damaged skin, so she and her four puppies will be living with Rania for a while.

Fortunately, she can easily milk her puppies, and because they’re so little, they don’t stray far from her! She’ll be much more at ease now, and everything may be adjusted to her liking.

Souzi is a really lovely young lady who deserves to be adopted. Thank you, Diasozo Animal Rescue, for saving these innocent lives.