A Man Adopts A Mutt From The Streets And Realizes Her Breed When She Gets Older.      

When a guy learned that a homeless dog was offered for adoption, he decided to pay her a visit. He couldn’t help but take her up when he saw her. Ilovemydogsomuch describes the dog as “awesomely lovely.” Nobody understood what type of combination she was, but as she grew larger, her breed became clear. The man took in the stray puppy and adopted her. He gave her the name Phoebe. She was a fantastic animal with a wonderful attitude, but he had no idea what breed of dog she was.

… till she began to develop. Phoebe grew up to be a cross between a husky and a golden retriever.

The more she grew and taller she became, the more conspicuous she became. Finally, the outcome is displayed here.

This is another Husky/Golden Retriever cross. Less fluffy than Phoebe, but as lovely. Take a look at those eyes!