A dog with shattered paws is by the side of the road. He is unable to take any steps.

Baby Boy, a canine, is caught in the middle of a busy trail. He was startled and wet at a spot that split two opposing directions of the road.

Many vehicles simply did not notice the canine, and some asked what a canine could possibly do in such a position. Fortunately, someone reported the issue to the appropriate services.

When the rescuers approached the dog, they realized that it was wounded. After being carried to the beast clinic, it was discovered that the dog had two fractured paws.

Still, if the saviors hadn’t come in time, Baby Boy would have died. The canine’s story quickly went viral on the Internet.

Fortunately, everything worked out in the end. After three months of adequate medical treatment, the canine has altered beyond recognition! He was adopted by a German family that adored the dog with all their hearts.