A Cleft Lip and Palate Black Labrador Retriever Can Now Play

Felix is a wonderful black lab from Alaska, USA. He is well-known on the social media network Imgur, where he has amassed a significant fan base that has followed his journey and enjoys seeing the adorable furry man develop in his attempts.

This dog has made remarkable strides and has recently had successful oral surgery.

I’ve had Felix since he was 11 days old. When the breeder discovered that one of her litter’s puppies was not doing well and was likely dying since she had a horrible cleft palate and cleft lip and was unable to feed properly from her mother, she called in a rescue worker, which was me.

It was tough to get rid of this hairy guy.

Jamie explains:

“At the moment, he was suffering from aspiration pneumonia and wouldn’t live another day.” I took him home and tube-fed him for the next seven weeks. I also treated his pneumonia. He has officially turned 14 months old!

What causes cleft lip and palate is unknown. According to Jamie, this damage can occur in both humans and animals due to exposure to particular things or poor nutrition during pregnancy.

Felix is a fighter who refuses to let his health problems keep him from having fun and enjoying life. This Labrador has just one working eye and misaligned jaws, in addition to digestive difficulties. His colon formed on the opposite side of his body as the rest of his body. His face has a particular expression.

Jamie went on:

Because none of her teeth match, she is forced to eat mostly canned food. It can be difficult for him to understand when I provide him hard food to make him feel like “one of the pack” at times. But he keeps him busy.