6 Neglected And Hairless Puppies Found In An Abandoned House Are Finally Doing Well


ristina Rinaldi, executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR), was astonished when she went to pick up 6 puppies from animal control. The neglected pups were discovered in a Detroit, Michigan, abandoned home. They had severe blisters all over their bodies and were pink and hairless. Additionally, they appeared to be burning and had a temperature. Rinaldi told The Dodo, “When I say that these puppies were actually on fire, they were on fire. “The temperatures were high.”

The puppies’ loss of fur was caused by a skin condition known as mange. In my time as a dog rescuer, I’ve seen a lot of mange cases, but this was the worst I’ve ever seen, said Rinaldi.

Rinaldi hurried the puppies to the doctor, but sadly, two of them didn’t make it and passed away en route. Regarding the other four, We’re fighting an uphill battle, the vet remarked, Rinaldi recalled.

They received the proper care while they were there for around 12 weeks. To aid with the skin’s healing process, staff personnel clothed the individuals in infant onesies. They were soon prepared for adoption into devoted forever homes.